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All Staff

Bousleiman, Habib

Head of MRI Applications

Cabanes-Sempere, Maria

Product Head Validation Hardware

Capstick, Myles

Chief Technology Officer

Chavannes, Nicolas

Head of Software

Kisker, Henrich

Member of the Board

Kühn, Sven

Head of Product Safety and Regulation

Kuster, Niels

President of the Board

Lloyd, Bryn A.

Project Leader

Miñana Maiques, Maria Del Mar

Sales Office

Nasseri, Nassim

PhD, Electrical Engineer/RF Test Engineer

Neufeld, Esra

Chief Science Officer

Oberle, Michael

Chief Executive Officer

Ofli, Erdem

Product Head

Pieper, Jacqueline

Chief Financial Officer

Reboux, Sylvain

Senior Software Engineer

Reumer, Bruno

Head of Production

Schild, Stefan

Software Development

Wissmann, Philipp

Software Engineer

Zastrow, Elliott

IT Support