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Successful Sim4Life Showcase Seminar @ BMES 2017

Successful Sim4Life Showcase Seminar @ BMES 2017

Successful Sim4Life Showcase Seminar @ BMES-FDA Frontiers in Medical Devices Conference 2017

ZMT has been one of the gold sponsors at this year's BMES Frontiers in Medical Devices conference from 16-18 May 2017 in Washington D.C., co-organized by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). The conference was well attended by representatives from industry, regulators, and academia who met to discuss the current state and the future of computational modeling in life sciences applications.


Esra Neufeld and Michael Oberle in front of the ZMT booth.

On the first day of the conference, a successful showcase seminar on ZMT’s simulation platform Sim4Life was held which was met with great interest. Michael Oberle, CEO of ZMT, started by summarizing ZMT’s perception of the market needs to successfully use validated computational modeling in the design and safety evaluation of innovative medical devices and treatments, based on the experience of numerous successful CE mark and FDA product approval filings. Habib Bousleiman, Application Head MRI, highlighted the latest software extensions such as the novel module IManalytics and the MRIxViP library (IT’IS Foundation), the cornerstones in time-efficient comprehensive implant magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) safety analysis. He also provided an outlook on the future evolution of Sim4Life with its exciting new solutions in the modeling of electromagnetic and ultrasound fields, dedicated to the specific needs of the medical device industry. Finally, Esra Neufeld, CSO of ZMT, introduced the audience to ZMT’s next generation of neuro-functionalized, parameterized, and personalizable anatomical models for exposure and device safety assessments. The presentation was supported by impressive visuals which were taken from recent investigations performed in MRI systems.

The showcase seminar was well attended by implant manufacturers, FDA representatives and members from leading research laboratories. In the discussions, it became clear that Sim4Life is considered the leading validated electromagnetic and ultrasound modeling and simulation tool for the design, optimization and safety evaluation of medical devices and treatment modalities.

Several members of ZMT’s sister organization IT’IS Foundation were also at the conference to present their research performed with Sim4Life. Talks and posters specifically focused on model parameterization and personalization, MRI safety assessment, and neurostimulation therapies. Furthermore, Esra Neufeld participated in a discussion panel on the question 'How good is good enough', addressing the requirements for computational modeling in applications ranging from basic research to regulatory submissions.