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Sim4Life V3.4


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Sim4Life V3.4

The following files are reserved for Sim4Life customers with valid support contract.

Please consult the following instructions in order to download your files:

HowTo Download, 5 kB (TXT)


Enter your Download code here:


1. License Installer & Download Code Generator

License Installer, 100 MB (EXE)

2. ReadMe & Release Notes

Sim4Life Readme, 5 kB (TXT)

Sim4Life V3.4 Release Notes, 5 kB (TXT)

3. NVIDIA GPU Drivers
for Hardware Acceleration

If using hardware acceleration, please install the proper NVIDIA driver for your architecture and operating system.

Consult this table for the recommended driver

4. Sim4Life Installer

Sim4Life Installer for Windows 7, 8/8.1 & Windows 10 (1.85 GB, EXE)
iSolve (Solvers) Installer for Linux (300 MB, ZIP)
iSeg Installer for Windows 7, 8/8.1 & Windows 10 (150 MB, EXE)
NEURON/S4L Binaries (4 MB, EXE)
IMAnalytics V1.0 Installer (130 MB, EXE)
MUSAIK Installer for Windows 7, 8/8.1 & Windows 10 (270 MB, EXE)

5. Computable Human

Download via
IT'IS ViP Website

Posable Duke V3.1 (34y, man)

S4L Posable Duke ViP v3.1 Installer

Posable Ella V3.1 (26y, woman)

S4L Posable Ella ViP v3.1 Installer

Posable Billie V3.1 (11y, girl)

S4L Posable Billie ViP v3.1 Installer

Posable Thelonious V3.1 (6y, boy)

S4L Posable Thelonius ViP v3.1 Installer

6. Documentation

The complete User Manual, Tutorial's Guide in HTML as well as Tutorials projects and Python examples will also be copied at install time.
Sim4Life V3.4 Documentation (100 MB, ZIP)
iSeg Manual (7 MB, PDF)
MUSAIK User Guide (4 MB, PDF)

7. Licensing/Flex

License Installer, 100 MB (EXE)

8. Flyer

Sim4Life Booklet

Sim4life booklet, 2.7 MB (PDF)


Sim4Life Poster

Available upon request, please contact us at