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DASY52 AIMD Extension


DASY52 AIMD Scanner

DASY52 AIMD is specifically optimized for specific absorption rate (SAR) and free-space evaluations in accordance with the medical implant standards (e.g. ISO TS10974).

DASY52 AIMD Scanner with piX excitor.


Being based on a NEO software of the DASY52 systems, it is an open system that enables the customers to run their own custom-designed scan sequences, control third party equipment and integrate third party sensor systems.

Flexible scans and evaluations ranging from one cubic millimeter to several cubic meters. Capable of importing different phantoms. Predefined scanning parameters for easy scanning or customize procedures using script commands.






(typical configuration)

1 Stäubli Robot TX90XL, Controller CS8c incl. Cabinet
1 Electro Optical Converter (mounted on robot arm) EOCx
1 Robot Stand for TX90XL
1 Robot Arm Extension and Adaptors
1 Robot Remote Control
1 Light Beam Switch for Probe Tooling LB5 (incl. LB Adaptor)
1 Light Beam Extension Unit for Large Probes LBE (incl. LB Adaptor)
1 Light Beam Mounting Plate
1 DASY5 Measurement Server
1 PC Intel Core 2 Dual / 3.16 GHz incl. Color-Monitor 21"
  - 4 GB RAM, 220 GB HD (or larger) / Win7
1 Data Acquisition Electronics DAEx
1 SAR Probe EX3DVx (incl. ConvF for TLe78c0.47@64 at 64 MHz and 128 MHz)
1 Temperature Probe T1Vx (incl. calibration for 10-50 °C)
1 Probe Extension PE 300 (300 mm)
1 Isotropic H-Field Probe H3DV7 (incl. calibration for 0.04 - 1.0 GHz)
1 Isotropic E-Field Probe ER3DVx (incl. calibration for 0.03 - 3.0 GHz)
1 Dummy Probe for Training Purposes DP5
1 DASY52 Manual
1 DASY52 NEO Software License (incl. Python scripying language option)
1 DASY5X Visualization License
   Optical Links, Cables and Grounding Material

Additional Accessories  

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